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Look Into Corporate Tax Subsidies and Loopholes Before 9C Cuts

Statement by Nathan Proctor, State Director of Massachusetts Fair Share. Contact at 203-522-3860. 

"Facing yet another revenue shortfall and unexpected cuts, lawmakers have difficult decisions to make. But among them is an easy one: let's address the rising cost of corporate tax subsidies and tax loopholes.

"Today, the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center released a new study which details how the cost to the state from special business tax break spending has nearly tripled since 1996. Adjusting for inflation, the price tag has skyrocketed from $370 million in 1996 to over $1 billion in

The “Child Care Dance” and why we need reform

Post by Chloe Sasson

“We thought we were doing everything right,” said Jenny, a young mom and Fair Share supporter. “We thought we were so ahead of things, we had even started a college fund, but … no one told us what we needed was a child care savings fund!”

Few things compare to the joy of seeing your kid learn, grow and succeed. And few things compare to the amount of work and sacrifice of parenting young children.

And while young parents like Jenny try to prepare for parenthood, the challenges of arranging and paying for trustworthy child care (which averages nearly a fifth of

In Mass., 1,100 and counting call for reversal of early education cuts

Community members have expressed frustration in response to Governor Charlie Baker vetoing $17.5 million in funding to early education, including a much needed $7.5 million to the struggling workforce. A petition that has garnered over 1100 supporters in just the last 2 days from across the state will be delivered to The Massachusetts State House and State Senate in an effort to push legislators to override Gov. Baker’s targeted line item cuts to early education funding.

Since 2001, early education and out-of-school-time programs have lost more than $148 million in state funding (adjusting

Mass. Senate announces first draft budget

On Tuesday, the Massachusetts state Senate released their draft version of the FY17 budget. Next, senators will propose and debate amendments to this budget.

We are supporting three amendments as part of this process.

Early Education Rate Reserve Amendment, Sen. Michael Moore – Invests an additional $10 million early childhood education with a critical investment through the workforce (line item 1599-0042). We’re struggling to keep high-quality educators in the field, which has a 30% turnover rate. Massachusetts should lead on education, but we have a ways to go on early education.


136 local elected officials call for more early ed investment

We delivered a letter signed by a bipartisan group of 136 local elected officials that call for increased state investment in early education and care. Citing dropping levels of state funding, and the importance of ensuring all children start on a level playing field, the letter calls for additional funding to improve and expand early learning programs for children ages 0-5.

We pride ourselves on education in Massachusetts, which is why we need to do better when it comes to early education.