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Congress mulls $400 Billion tax break for corporations

You might have thought it was bad enough that some U.S. multinational corporations are dodging $600 billion in taxes by hiding their profits overseas.

Now some in Congress want to let these corporate tax dodgers off the hook -- permanently -- for $400 billion and make it easier for them to avoid paying what they should moving forward. That's not fair to you, me or other businesses.

Add your name to our petition. It reads:

Every company should play by the same rules, but we know that some companies hide their profits offshore to avoid taxes -- taxes every other business has to pay.

You should require these companies to pay what they owe, and reject any policy that rewards companies for exploiting these loopholes to avoid paying their fair share.

One of the most outrageous parts of this plan is that 65% of this tax giveaway is going to just 30 companies. So 30 companies get a huge reward, and the rest of us pick up the tab.

Republican leaders in the House have pledged to get this deal done in the next month. [1] And they have an ally in Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY), the #2 Democrat in the Senate who is working to create a plan in tandem with Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.). [2]

It won't be easy but I know we can stop this reckless scheme. If no one speaks up and calls this legislation exactly what it is -- huge giveaway to a few powerful corporations -- Congress could sneak this through. But if we raise the alarm, and raise important questions about just what this policy does we can put this proposal on ice.

Add your name, and help us fight back.

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