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House moves to gut school lunch program

There are already enough bullies in the lunchroom.

Now some members of the U.S. House are effectively trying to take our kids' lunch money -- by putting forward a bill that guts school lunch programs.

We're calling on Rep. John Kline, the chair of the Education and Workforce Committee, to clean up this bill and protect our kids before it hits the House floor for a vote.

Tell Rep. Kline: A hungry kid can't focus, and can't learn. Help put our kids on the path to success. Please don't cut school lunch programs.

The House Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill includes sneaky provisions that would gut the school lunch program -- and would roll back years of progress.

If passed, more than 7,000 schools -- that serve more than 3 million kids -- would have their school lunch eligibility revoked.

Right now, there are kids in every single county nationwide who aren't sure where their next meal is coming from -- leaving them distracted by hunger instead of focused on the schooling that will give them a fair shot at a good life.

That's where programs like school lunch can make a huge difference.

Taking away kids' school lunches is being hailed as the fiscally responsible thing to do, even when we know the opposite is true. Making sure kids aren't hungry in class is a common-sense investment to get the most out of school.

And if enough of us speak up, we can help end childhood hunger and enable kids to stop thinking about filling their bellies, and instead focus on filling their hearts and minds.

Join the call: Tell Rep. Kline to support food lunch programs.