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Hunger advocates oppose attempt to gut school lunch program

The House Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) bill, H.R. 5003, was voted out of the House Education and the Workforce Committee on May 18. Among the provisions opposed by Fair Share (read our statement here), is a new plan to create a three-state block grant proposal for the school meal programs.

Fair Share has joined our national allies, including FRAC, to repsond to these attacks on school meals, and any effort that would lead students to be more likely to sitting in classes hungry. Block grants are especially problematic, because they cap spending, so in the case that the number of students who need to access free and reduced school lunch increases, there will not be additional resources to assist them.

House Speaker Paul Ryan pushed for more block granting of hunger programs in his policy agenda released on June 7, which lays out his plans to reform the safety net.

Fair Share will continue to push for real solutions to child hunger and show support for the things that are working, like an effective school lunch program. You can take action here.