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Now onto taxes ...

Now that the health care vote has been delayed (for now), it appears that tax reform will move to the top of the agenda.

Just like with health care reform, the details are being kept hidden for now. No matter what plans are put forward, you can be sure that we at Fair Share will:

- Eliminate loopholes that hurt Main Street: armed with legions of tax lawyers and lobbyists, the biggest and most profitable companies carve out loopholes that allow them to dodge taxes, and leave smaller, local businesses to pick up the tab. We're working to make everyone play by the same rules.

- Bring the facts to people on the ground: Both sides of the debate will have their talking points about how great their plans are, and how bad the others are. We can cut through the spin and get facts to people by doing local work about the real impacts.

- Do what we've done before: In 2012, Fair Share sent organizers to the districts of 21 swing Republicans to push them to back protecting middle class tax rates, but rolling back tax cuts for the highest earners. We were able to flip 5 of our targets.