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Our statement on Supreme Court blocking progress on immigration reform

WASHINGTON, DC -- Fair Share is deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court's decision today to block progress on immigration reform. This news further clarifies the need for Congress to act.

Our immigration system is broken, and that’s bad for our country and our economy. It’s long past time to bring undocumented workers out of the shadows and allow them to join the legal, regulated workforce, with a fair shot and fair wages and the same rules as everyone else. We can fix our immigration system with a common sense, comprehensive set of reforms that ensures everyone plays by the same rules. Not only will it be more fair, it will increase investment in our economy.

When the playing field is level, both American and immigrant workers can expect their wages to rise. Higher wages will mean more revenue for government, additional consumer spending, and more jobs -- to the tune, economists estimate, of an additional $1.5 trillion for our economy over 10 years.