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Right Problems, Wrong Solutions: Fair Share responds to Paul Ryan's tax reform push

In response to House Speaker Paul Ryan's renewed push, rolled out on Tuesday, June 20, around tax reform, Fair Share's Nathan Proctor said:

"There is a lot to the conversation about tax reform where there is broad agreement. Paul Ryan says we need to prevent offshoring, and we agree. He talks about getting rid of loopholes to make the tax code fairer, and we agree. He talks about shoring America up in anxious times, and we agree.

"But instead of closing loopholes, the plans we've seen would create new, bigger loopholes. Instead of ending incentives to offshore income, the biggest of which is deferral -- the ability to delay paying taxes on offshore income -- they would make these incentives even larger.

"The real solutions are not complicated. Close each and every loophole for offshoring, and make companies pay what they owe, and pass reforms to prevent inversion.

"Paul Ryan identifies the problems we need to solve, but has proposed solutions that make these problems worse -- and reward tax dodging by the biggest companies in the world. We need solutions that make sure everyone pays a fair share, and leaders with the courage to stand up for us."