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They're getting desperate: Republicans in Pennsylvania try to rig Electoral College for their candidates

Philadelphia, PA — After Mitt Romney’s loss in Pennsylvania by more than 300,000 votes, the state's Republican Party has a new scheme to help their presidential candidates: rig the system by changing the rules for awarding Electoral College votes.   

Pennsylvania Fair Share Organizer Keith Crosby, "It smacks of desperation. They lose the election, so instead of trying to win back Pennsylvanians with policy that helps people, they want to move the goal posts. We think everyone should play by the same rules."

Fair Share National Campaign Director Nathan Proctor, "This is more sour grapes. Instead of cooking up schemes to deliver the White House to a candidate that cannot get the majority of Americans' votes, how about coming up with a candidate that can actually win on their own merit? We are joining with our allies to demand Gov. Corbett come out again this policy right away, and oppose the plan to change how Pennsylvania's votes get counted in presidential elections."

Pennsylvania Fair Share is a statewide, grassroots field and advocacy group, working to provide every Pennsylvanian with a fair shot, make sure everyone pays their fair share, and that everybody plays by the same set of rules. In the 2012 elections, Pennsylvania Fair Share knocked on tens of thousands of doors from Erie to West Chester, talking with Pennsylvanians about important issues of economic fairness and about the negative impact of big money in politics.