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About Fair Share Education Fund

Fair Share Education Fund is a non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that promotes economic fairness and sustainability through independent research, practical ideas, effective educational campaigns, and grassroots outreach. The Education Fund works for an America where everyone gets their fair share, pays their fair share, and does their fair share; and where everybody plays by the same rules, by making the case for sensible policy solutions, activating citizens in their communities, and helping ordinary citizens make their voices heard.

Our Values

• All Americans Deserve a Fair Shot: Everyone should have the chance to succeed. We’re fighting to put America back to work, so we can repair our roads and bridges, rehire teachers and firefighters, and rebuild our economy.
• Everybody Should Play by the Same Rules: From Wall Street to Super PACs, we’ve seen the powerful and well-connected bend the rules to work just for them, not all of us. We’re working to hold Wall Street accountable and reclaim our democracy for all Americans.
• Everyone Pays Their Fair Share: The only way our economy works is if everyone does their part and pays their fair share. We’re working to close corporate tax loopholes that let some companies avoid paying any income tax while the rest of us pay what we owe.

Our History 

Fair Share Education Fund (formerly Progressive Future Education Fund) was founded in 2007 to promote progressive values through grassroots action.  During the 2008, 2010 and 2012 elections, we ran large-scale voter registration and civic engagement campaigns that helped registered nearly 500,000 new African-American, Latino and youth voters.  Last year, we worked across the country to educate people about the impact of the Citizens United decision.  And we increased our investment in issue campaigns to leverage our grassroots strength to make policy changes.

Our Model

Fair Share Education Fund builds power by reaching out to Americans who believe in economic fairness, no matter how they identify themselves politically.  Our positioning -- that we stand for everyone doing and paying their fair share, practical approach, and solution-oriented campaigns help us build support for progressive policies even among those who don't view themselves as progressives.   
Fair Share Education Fund organizes in local communities across the country. Over the next two years we will expand our presence to 20 states, including through local partnerships with organizations that share our vision and values.  In all of these places, our organizers wage public education campaigns, engaging citizens in our democracy, through direct, community outreach and local coalitions.