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More Ways To Give


Your legacy gift can help ensure an America where everyone gets their fair share, does their fair share, and pays their fair share; and where everyone plays by the same rules – now and for the future.


We would consider it a great honor to be remembered through a bequest in your will.

Making a bequest to Fair Share is a simple process that can leave a meaningful legacy in your name. Generally, your attorney can add simple language to your will to complete the gift.

Please consult your attorney before changing your will.

Retirement accounts

Setting up a 401(k) or IRA can help you to save for retirement, but a retirement account may not be the best way to provide for your heirs.  Leaving these assets to Fair Share may make sense as part of your overall estate plan.

Life insurance

In some circumstances, Fair Share may be an appropriate beneficiary of your life insurance policy.


Securities can be donated either at the present time or as a bequest.

For more information, including our tax identification number and resources regarding legacy gifts, please use the form below to email our Planned Giving Coordinator, or call (202) 461-2472.

Contributions to Fair Share cannot be deducted as charitable contributions. However, gifts to our sister organization, Fair Share Education Fund, may be tax-deductible. Your professional advisors can evaluate the effect upon your own estate of a giving a gift to either organization.