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It’s important to keep your will or living trust updated to be sure that all of your wishes will be successfully carried out. Remembering Fair Share in your will or living trust is easy. Your advisor can insert just a few sentences to add the gift.

A bequest can be made for a specific dollar amount or asset, such as securities, a percentage of your estate, or a gift from the balance of your estate after expenses have been paid and specific and general bequests have been honored.

Always consult with your attorney if you are considering any changes to your will.

For more information, including our tax identification number and resources regarding legacy gifts, please use the form below to email our Planned Giving Coordinator, or call (202) 461-2472.

Contributions to Fair Share cannot be deducted as charitable contributions. However, gifts to our sister organization, Fair Share Education Fund, may be tax-deductible. Your professional advisors can evaluate the effect upon your own estate of a giving a gift to either organization.

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