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6 ways the Senate Democrats' infrastructure plan will work better than President Trump's

The Trump White House previewed part of their infrastructure, and Senate Democrats have countered with a plan on its own.

While we don't know exactly what the administration is planning, during the campaign they offered an overview of a plan that focused on tax breaks for private developers. Over the last few days, a list of possible projects was leaked which appear to be at odds with that earlier overview.

Fair Share supports investing in infrastructure, prioritizing repair, maintenance, long-term sustainability and expanding access to economic opportunities.

Congress Passes $305 Billion infrastructure bill

Held up by controversy around funding, Congress finally passed a $305 Billion transportation infrastructure bill.

The bill will fund a series of roads, bridges, and rail projects. Congress has been passing short-term extensions of the large federal transporation bill for nearly 10 years.

Earlier plans had sought to tax offshore profits for large multinational companies stashed in tax havens in order to pay improving transit systems, but Congress was unable to agree on using this as a funding mechanism. Instead, the bill more of less borrows the money in order to fund projects.


Brookings: Expanding Opportunity Through Infrastructure Jobs

In the face of dour news about stagnant wages, rising inequality, and a vanishing middle class, metropolitan areas are raising local minimum wages, experimenting with new apprenticeship programs, and considering a range of other development tools to tackle their workforce challenges. Collectively, these strategies represent crucial steps to boost incomes and improve economic mobility during the recovery. In the same way, infrastructure investment is supporting more and better jobs throughout the country, drawing from a variety of efforts across the public and private sector.

However, the


Fair Share Alliance Announces Launch of 16 State Campaigns to Support American Jobs Act

Washington DC – Brad Martin, Executive Director of the Fair Share Alliance, announced today the launch of Colorado Fair Share’s canvass program in Pueblo, Colorado -- our 22nd citizen outreach office launched in the last month to build grassroots support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act.   “We face a huge jobs crisis in this country, people are really hurting, so we’re taking our campaign door-to-door in16 states to build public support and overcome right-wing Republican opposition to the American Jobs Act in the Congress,” said Martin.
President Obama knows the scale and hurt of